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Log # 4: 01/30/16-02/05/16

by Marge Maghoney

1. Made breakfast for Mom & Dad.
2. Kind to my body - walked at least 3.5 miles every other day.
3. Made a donation to Hope for Haiti via GoDaddy.
4. Started a new project, Discover Coron, to feature relatives' businesses in my mom's province Coron, Palawan.
5. Recognized John's acts of kindness -- made me breakfast, took me to the movies (been wanting to see The Forest), took me to Super Bowl City, drove me to the dentist.
6. Gave John a neck massage.
7. Made dinner (adobo) for everyone.
8. Played Rummikub with Mom.
9. Took care of the bumper.
10. Helped a relative with marketing her business.
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