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Log # 2: 01/16/16-01/22/16

by Marge Maghoney

1. Brought a bag of green tea treats for a relative's family who loves anything and everythign green tea.
2. Made dinner for everyone.
3. Resolved to become more aware and appreciative of my husband's acts of kindness and started to make a daily list for him as well (sometimes he's got more than me!).
4. Made Matcha chocolate chip cookies to share.
5. Called my parents whom I haven't spoken to in about a month. Resolved to call them at least once a month.
6. Spoke with a pregnant relative and made tentative plans for a complimentary maternity photo shoot.
7. Played Rummikub with Mom.
8. Gave my husband a facial massage.
9. Kind to our bodies. Started a routine with my husband to walk 3.5-miles every day or at least every other day.
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