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Log # 10: 03/12/16-03/18/16

by Marge Maghoney

1. Posted detailed feedback for an exceptional Covered CA agent.

2. Made dinner for everyone (chicken, sausage & broccoli).

3. Played Yahtzee & Rummikub with Mom.

4. Announced Happee Body freebie with each order.

5. Made a donation to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals.

6. Made dinner for everyone (lemon butter chciken).

7. Kind to self: walked and did annual physical, blood work, shots and OB visit.

8. Got John ingredients for his smoothie diet.

9. Made breakfast for everyone (scrambled eggs and sauteed sausages and spinach).

10. Made dinner for everyone (chicken & mushroom in creamy herb sauce).

12. Made breakfast for everyone (sauteed leftover fresh corned beef from St. Patrick's Day with onions & garlic).

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