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Log # 1: 11/18/15-01/15/16

by Marge Maghoney

1. Gave my husband some earphones. I've heard him mumble a few times how it could help him at work.
2. Sent a friend some whitening scrubs I made for her sons' suntanned necks due to soccer.
3. Made breakfast for Mom & Dad.
4. Treated everyone at home to some Chinese.
5. Move giving on the road.
6. Spent time with someone having a difficult pregnancy.
7. Gave the husband a massage for his aching back.
8. Made dinner for an unexpected visitor.
9. Made a donation for a breakfast meal at Lucky.
10. Helped Mom with Thanksgiving dinner and cleaning up.
11. Made a donation to the Salvation Army outside Rite Aid.
12. Made a donation to a children's charity outside Burlington.
13. Accompanied Mom to run some errands.
14. Gave a client a framed photo compilation of her kids.
15. Gave a homeless man in SF some fried chicken from Safeway.
16. Helped someone do an oil change.
17. Posted on eBay with a percentage of the proceeds going to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.
18. Husband and I got Mom a fresh christmas tree and decorated her house.
19. Got Mom the electric drill she wanted at Lowe's.
20. Got John some thermals. It's getting really cold.
21. Made a donation to the Special Olympics at a Shell gas station.
22. Upgraded a client's photobook from a 5x7 to a 8x11.
23. Helped Mom put away her christmas decorations.
24. Made a donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital at Best Buy.
25. Helped Mom how to use Walgreens for her photos.
26. Played Yahtzee and Rummikub with Mom.
27. Fixed Mom's printer.
28. Put an extra candycane lip balm in a Happee Body order.
29. Picked up lost dog tag while walking on the beach in Half Moon Bay. Will mail it to the address on the tag tomorrow.
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