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by Marge Maghoney

The holidays are a popular time for giving and generosity. Charities, food banks and other organizations are in high gear. This is all amazing but I thought, why can't we do this all year instead of just a season? Why can't we be charitable, helpful and generous all the time? Matter of fact, why can't we simply practice kindness as a habit?
So on November 18 of last year (2015), I started a personal project. I called it One Kindness a Day wherein I would think of 1 act of kindness I did each day and log it. A few days into it, trying to think of something during the course of my day turned into a more conscious decision to be kind whenever an opportunity arises. And due to this turn, I would usually log in more than 1 act of kindness per day.
It became a habit
Can you imagine how much better we'll all get along, how stress free our days will be, how happier our hearts can be and just how much we can transform the world if we could simply be kinder to each other, to ourselves and to the earth?
Kindness doesn't have to be grand and elaborate. Being more giving to fellow drivers on the road, cooking a meal for someone, giving a little extra when you're donating to charity, handing a homeless person a sandwich, giving someone a compliment, calling someone you haven't talked to for so long. There's a billion ways to practice kindness. It's actually fun, kind of like a game, especially when you get to log in more than one.
Each week, I'll share some of the things I've done for 7 days prior. Not for anything else but to share examples of what you can do and inspire the person reading it to start their own one kindess a day project. 
My simple hope is to rub off on readers who stumble upon this website and start a trickle effect of kindness. 
Feel free to connect via Facebook, InstagramTwitter and Pinterest and share your own acts of kindness with hashtag #onekindness and let's all inspire each other!
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